Foot Massage Machine
Foot Massage Machine

Foot Massage Machine

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Foot Massager Machine Heat Foot Massagers & LCD Display For Blood Circulation US


  • Four airbags, 360 degree full package massage: from toe to heel, take care of the foot without a reflection area

  • Five stage plantar massage: covering 64 reflexes of the sole, the massage roller stimulates the plantar acupoints deeply, and each press releases the pressure heartily .from toe to heel pressing / kneading / kneading / pushing / rolling / pressing and other techniques alternately massage

  • Dorsum of foot massage: dorsum of foot is mostly bone, so use air bag to cover massage

  • Ankle massage: the ankle takes on the foot and leg, and the circular wrapped air bag massage is gentle without losing strength

  • Mild heating: the sole of the foot is easy to get sick when it is cold. Massage and warm care at the same time

  • Nine gear strength: adjust as you like, there is always one gear for you, to meet the needs of the whole family. L1 ~ L3 mild strength, suitable for teenagers and the elderly. L4 ~ L6 moderate strength, suitable for young adults, female. L7 ~ L9 severe strength, suitable for young adults, male

  • Ant-i leakage technology, safe and assured: realize the separation of massage and point, upper massage parts, lower circuit, mutual isolation

  • Intelligent panel: simple control, easy to understand keys, easy to operate for the elderly

  • Silent: Ant-i noise design, silent operation, long service life, strong endurance

  • Good design: foot size for the whole family, 37-47 size, both big and small feet can be used, LCD touc-h screen, a-nti-collision and an-ti-skid foot pad, removable cloth cover, easy to remove and clean at any time